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Wheelchair cushion

The research paper was published as The influence of a contoured seating base on pressure distribution and discomfort in "Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology", by Taylor & Francis

For this project research was done to look at how contouring of the wheelchair seating can help prevent pressure sores by looking at the distribution of pressure on the buttocks. Contouring wheelchair cushioning is already done to some extent and has proved to be useful. We looked into if a more extreme contour of the seating base can prove to be even more successful in optimizing pressure distribution and comfort.

Our research shows that both pressure distribution and comfort could benefit from more contour. The research also showed a less conventional method of providing contour, instead of shaping the cushion, a hard base was shaped which could be placed underneath the soft foam, this might be more durably while its less likely to lose its shape overtime.

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